About Lauren McLaughlin-Sellers

I grew up in Houston, TX, and my parents took my sister and I to Lake LBJ every summer. This is where my love for photography and the outdoors both began. I was given a point-and-shoot camera in grade school as a birthday gift and I was immediately interested in documenting the world around me. During summers at the lake, when swimming and water skiing no longer held my attention, I started snapping pictures of anything and everything. As soon as I reached high school, I took my first photography class.
I always knew I enjoyed taking pictures but knew nothing about composition or lighting. It was in this class that I began to see the difference between a picture and a photograph. My photography teachers were passionate artists who ignited my creative side. I loved being in the darkroom and was encouraged to try new and exciting ways to produce images. They encouraged me to enter contests and gallery showings, resulting in a silver medal from the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for my photography portfolio. My senior year I was awarded a scholarship from the Hal Fulgham Memorial Scholarship Foundation which went towards my higher education.
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After high school, I attended Texas State University in San Marcos, TX where I continued my love for photography while obtaining a Bachelors in Fine Art Photography. Coursework involved technical photography skills, art histories and gallery showings. As my portfolio evolved, I had great professors critique my work and guide me to my own unique vision. One professor in particular drove me to constantly push myself and to never settle for average. He truly made me strive to reach perfection with my art, a pursuit that I still work to achieve today. My fondest memories of college were the late nights that I spent in the photography studio on campus, shooting photographs and developing film, sometimes well into the early mornings.about lauren mclaughlin _res
After graduating from Texas State with honors, I moved to Austin, TX, where I worked at a credit union in order to fund my passion for art and portrait photography, which I did on the side. After 4 years of being in an office setting, I decided it was time to be out in the world, completely immersed in photography. I moved to the beautiful Puerto Rico to experience a new culture and in search for photography inspiration. During my time there, I stumbled upon many beautiful beaches, jungles and wonderful people. While in Puerto Rico, I got engaged to my wonderful husband, Travis.

Travis and I moved back to Austin in 2013 and continue to photograph the world together. Travis is an incredibly talented photographer and accompanies me on most portrait shoots and all weddings shoots. I couldn’t imagine a better partner in life and in photography!