My Photography Method

How my photography method came to be

My background in fine art photography sparks my enjoyment for trying new techniques and playing with lighting. My photography methods allows me to create photographs that differ from the typical wedding portraits. Instead of a static, routine series of photographs, I use unique compositions and creative lighting for dramatic effects to accentuate candid moments on your wedding day. Every couple is different and I take this into consideration when photographing your wedding. I enjoy getting to know my clients and translating their own personal story into photographs. During the initial consultation, I will spend time getting to know you and your photographic needs. I will work diligently to capture any specific photographs you request.

My Wedding Coverage Style

My style of shooting blends photojournalism with an artistic vision. I use a combination of the following styles to creatively and effectively record every moment of your wedding:

  • Artistic photojournalism tells the story of your wedding day through a series of candid photographs. Photojournalism is unscripted and the style I use to photograph ceremonies and receptions. Unique compositions and creative lighting add an artistic element to my journalistic approach.
  • Traditional photography is conventional and consists of formal, posed photographs. I use this style for posed pictures of the wedding party and family, either done before or after the ceremony.

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental portraiture is my preferred method of shooting because I find people are most comfortable in a familiar place, allowing their true personality to emerge. Environmental portraits are unique in that they allow the background and composition of the photograph to help tell your story. Therefore, I suggest you choose a location where you often spend your time so that you don’t feel out of your element. For example, many of my clients choose locations such as coffee shops, parks, beaches, or even their own homes. My goal with portrait sessions is to capture your personality and essence on camera.

Studio Portraiture

Portraits in a studio setting are the most controlled sessions. There is no need to worry about weather or time of day thanks of the use of artificial studio lighting.