Surreal Portraits | Austin Texas Photographer

I love playing with unconventional methods for portrait photography. I have been working on a series, Body and Earth, where I merge natural textures with the human form. I have always been intrigued with double exposures and wanted to find a way to achieve that look in a more controlled manor. When I first started this series, I was using a combination of slide film and a digital SLR. Since I was unable to bring my projector to Puerto Rico, I have been trying new methods for the same effect. This is the results of my all digital additions to Body and Earth. (Austin Texas Portrait Photographer.)

AustinTexasPortraitPhotographer_surreal2 AustinTexasPortraitPhotographer_surreal4n AustinTexasPortraitPhotographer_surreal5n


Colors | Puerto Rico Photography

Puerto Rico is the most colorful place I’ve ever seen. Around each curve there are colorful plants and gradient blue oceans. I took the photos below while Travis’s parents were visiting and we were showing them around the island. (If you look close at the the middle photo of the flower, it looks like it’s sticking its tongue out, Rolling Stones style.)


Puerto Rico Portrait Photographer | Cabo Rojo

The shores of Cabo Rojo, PR are lined with towering cliffs that make for incredible views. You get a true sense of how powerful mother nature can be when standing on the edge. The wind is strong and the ocean is powerful below, it is a thrilling sensation. I took this photograph of Louie standing on the point of a cliff, taking in the beauty.


Puerto Rico Photography

On the way out to Bosque Estatal De Maricao we stopped a few times to take in the breath taking views. It’s a windy trip up the mountain but the views are definitely worth it. After finding two puppies in the road, we decided to reschedule our hiking at the state forest for another day. Seeing how beautiful the drive up there was, I can only imagine the hiking trails are pretty awesome. These are a few photos I took on the way up.






Ariel & Amalie ARF

Travis and I got up extra early this morning and headed up to Bosque Estatal De Maricao to do some hiking. After winding up the mountains we arrived at a stone structure built in the mid-century, used as a lookout. We stopped to admire the view. I was outside photographing the interesting architecture when I heard Travis yell “there are puppies in here!”  Sure enough, two adorable puppies ran right up to us with their tails wagging. We stuck around for a while hoping someone would be coming for them but it was pretty evident that they had been abandoned. We cancelled our hiking trip, loaded the puppies in the car and got them to the vet. With the help of ARF, they got vaccinated and are being treated for worms but other than that are healthy. According to the vet, they are sisters, about 10 weeks old, and will grow to be medium sized adults. They are surprisingly well behaved and are currently being potty trained. Travis and I are currently fostering them but they need a forever home. Contact me or ARF if you are interested in a new companion! Please share with your friends :)