Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portrait Photography

Bridal portraits are sessions separate from your wedding day and are meant to showcase you as a beautiful bride in your wedding dress. Bridal portraits can either be added to a basic or extended wedding package or purchased separately.


  • I suggest that a bouquet be used for the bridal session to add color and dimension to the photographs. This does not have to be the same bouquet that will be used at your wedding; any splash of color adds a nice touch.
  • Bridal portraits are a great time to do a trial run for your hair and make-up before your big day.
  • Bring hair and make-up accessories for quick touch-ups, especially if your shoot is at an outdoor location.
  • Feel free to bring your mom or best friend to help with your dress, hair, etc. I am glad to help if you come alone.
  • Please take into consideration changing accommodations. Plan to arrive early if you wish to get dressed at the location to ensure maximum shooting time. If there are no dressing rooms available, please arrive fully dressed.
  • If you wish to display your bridal portraits at your wedding please take this into consideration when scheduling a session date to allow for enough time to process and print your photographs.
  • Canvas prints are a great opportunity to showcase your bridal portraits. If you are interested in purchasing portraits to display at your wedding, talk to me about pricing options for canvas prints and photographs. I will create a custom print package tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Choose a beautiful location that best describes you. See below


Choosing a location for your bridal session is important. The great thing about Austin is that it has so many photo options to choose from. First, decide what style best fits your personality. If you love being outdoors, choose a location like Austin Botanical Gardens. If you want an urban feel, look for quirky Austin street art for an interesting background. Many clients choose their wedding venue for their bridal portraits. Most venues will not charge since you are using their services for your wedding day and most have options for photographs. Make sure to call beforehand to schedule a time when no other events are being held.

Pricing and proofing

If purchasing a bridal session a la carte, please visit the portrait pricing page to view pricing information. If interested in package deals, please view the wedding photography pricing page for package pricing. All portraits will be posted for proofing under a secured log-in. This will be password protected to ensure no guests see you in your dress before your wedding day; however, you may share this password with family members and friends if you wish to do so. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to check availability.

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