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Portrait Photography

Whether you want photographs to celebrate a monumental life achievement or you just want professional photographs to have, individual portrait sessions are a great way to preserve a moment of time in your life.

Tips for success portraits

  • If the photo-shoot will be outdoors, early morning and evenings are typically the best time to take outdoor portraits. This will help avoid harsh shadows.
  • Props can be great in moderation!
  • For group portraits, I recommend picking a basic color scheme; however, this does not mean everyone should wear matching outfits. For example, during the fall, browns, yellows and oranges go well together. Try to avoid overwhelming patterns, as they can make a group portrait look too busy. The end goal is to have faces stand out more than clothing. Your wardrobe decision is ultimately up to you; feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Young children can get bored and restless, so feel free to bring toys and snacks (nothing too messy) for them to stay entertained. Some of the best family photographs are candid shots of children playing.
  • Make up and hair accessories for quick touch ups are recommended, especially for an outdoor photo shoot.
  • Pets are a part of your family too! Feel free to include them.
  • Be happy and have fun!

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are unique in that they allow the background and composition of the photograph to help tell your story. I find people are most comfortable in a familiar place, allowing their true personality to emerge. Therefore, I suggest you choose a location where you often spend your time so that you don’t feel out of your element. For example, many clients choose locations such as coffee shops, parks, beaches, or even their own homes. These portraits focus solely on you and your interests. In our initial consolation, we will discuss what interests you and base the location off of this. For example, if you are a surfer, bring your surf board and let’s hit the beach. If you enjoy reading the library is a perfect setting.


Actors, models, and even corporate professionals need sophisticated headshots to help market themselves. Alternatively, headshots are increasingly becoming more popular as portraits as well. These portraits are dynamic photographs that accentuate your personality, with special focus on your facial features. Headshots focus on your individuality while bringing your identity into a photograph. The key is to make you stand out from the crowd, by creating photographs that are unique to you. Effective lighting is essential in capturing a successful headshot so these are typically taken indoors or in a studio setting. Although headshots primarily focus on your facial features, choice of clothing and accessories remains important.

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