Destination Wedding Photography

Why have a Destination Wedding?

Destination weddings are often unique and transcend expectations of the traditional wedding story. I provide destination wedding photography services and I am available to travel anywhere around the world. I love photographing people and being able to translate their stories in to photographs. Couples decide to have a destination wedding for a variety of reasons; family and culture, a beautiful getaway, places that hold special meaning, etc. Whatever your reasoning, having a professional photographer is a must! I am available to document your entire trip including; rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding primping, etc. Feel free to contact me and I will gladly arrange a personalized wedding package to cover all of your needs.

Tips and information

  • Larger resorts often have an in-house wedding planner available. I highly recommend using them, as they are usually very helpful and knowledgeable. They can help alleviate a lot of the stress associated with planning your wedding and help ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.
  • Know the local weather. This is especially important for a tropical wedding. The summer months are typically very rainy in the Caribbean, Mexico and most other tropical locations.
  • Know the legal requirements of the country where you choose to get married. Certain countries have residency requirements which require you be in the country for a certain time period before you are allow to get married. This can range from days to weeks. Make sure to do your research.
  • Once a location is decided on, give guests an ample amount of time to request time off of work and plan their trip. It is common to give about 12 months notice.

Choosing a location

Picking the perfect spot is key to a successful destination wedding. The location sets the over all tone of your wedding day and represents who you are as a couple. Choose a setting that makes a statement about your personal styles and describes your love for each other. Nature lovers may choose a location that sits atop a mountain at an eco-lodge, while beach lovers would enjoy a laid-back tropical getaway. Whatever your style, take in to account that destination weddings require a lot of planning. When you decide on a general area, take a trip to scout out possible venues and lodging.

Visiting and touring the property gives you an accurate feel of a venue and what they have to offer. It is considerate to keep your guests in mind when narrowing down your options. Airfare, lodging and local transportation costs are all very important. Look into group rates for flights and block off rooms at a group rate to keep cost as low as possible. Once you have decided on the perfect location, send schedules, maps and information to your guests. Importantly, don’t take it personal if any close friends or family are unable to attend. Attending a destination wedding is expensive and not all guests will have the finances available or the option to take time of off work.

All of the planning will pay off in the end. Once you arrive at your destination relax and enjoy your wedding!

Please Note:

Travel expenses will vary depending on the location and will be quoted up front on your contract. Contact me to check availability and for a custom package quote. I look forward to hearing from you!

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